Monday, November 18, 2013

Falmouth in the Fall Road Race Recap!

I ran the Falmouth in the Fall Road Race a few weekends ago in Falmouth, MA. This race is the same route as the Falmouth Road Race that takes place every summer with thousand and thousands of runners. I also run that race every year but sometimes I like to run the Falmouth in the Fall as well because there are only about 500 runners and it is easier to take in the scenery! It is a beautiful race route!

This race normally takes place the first Sunday of November and its normally a very cold day. For those who are not familiar with this race or the Falmouth Road Race, it starts in Woods Hole and ends 7.2 miles out in Falmouth Heights. The course is very hilly! The first three miles are rolling hills then it flattens out. At around mile six you start uphill again until the last few hundred feet of the race then a large down hill. The course is beautiful and is all along the ocean. The downside of this race is that you start in one place and end in one place therefore you have to be bused to the start line normally an hour or so before the start so there is lots of standing around.

I decided to do Falmouth in the Fall this year to get a better qualifying corral time for the Princess Half Marathon in Disney World. This summer I ran the regular Falmouth Road Race in 1:09 and knew I could beat that time in the fall so signed up. The race is only $20 and you don't get anything except a cup of chowder at the end but it is still a good time. When you sign up you have to include a self addressed envelope so they can send you your race number. Another thing I like since I sometimes don't like picking up my number unless there is a big race expo. 

 The week leading up to the race I was really unsure if I was going to run. I had been battling a groin injury from a previous half marathon as well as being a bit burnt out. I said all week I am not going to do it I am just going to give my number away, but deep down I knew that I would run. However I really did entertain the idea of not running for about a day. I took it easy all week training and I only ran maybe once or twice with low mileage. I felt good Saturday but when I woke up on Sunday I just felt sick to my stomach. The race wasn't until one so I ate and relaxed for a bit and then decided I was going to do it. My plan was for my mom to pick me up and she was going to drive me to the start line so I could wait in the car until the start, it was cold and rainy that morning.

I got to woods hole around noon so had about an hour or so to wait. My friend Liz who was also running decided to do the same thing and have her husband drive her to the start as well. Great idea on our part because it was COLD! We ended up getting out of our cars about ten minutes before the start, and then all of a sudden everyone was running. It was the most bizarre start there was no gun, no one telling you to go we all just started running. With this race however there is no timing chip in your bib so your time starts when the clock starts. I hadn't noticed this until right before the start so I told Liz we needed to get right in the front. We were not wasting any time.

The race started and every one charged out as well as myself so I needed to pull back a bit as to not fall apart. I was able to control my breathing and keep a steady pace. The beginning is always tough but then it completely flattens out so you can get some of your energy back. However you have to remember the last two hills at the end. One is gradual and then one smacks you in the face and you feel terrible no matter what. I always try to save energy for that last hill and tell myself once you are up it all you have to do is come down. However that is not the case. You go up this massive hill and then it flattens out for what seems like three miles and then you FLY downhill to the finish. But god I hate the hill!

I finished in 1:03 for 7.2 miles I was incredibly pleased with myself. The first time I ran this race I ran 1:28 in change. and even last year I did about that, so as you can image I was ecstatic when I saw that clock said 1:03! Good training really pays off! My ultimate goal is to run in under an hour which last year seemed unattainable but now is so close to being in reach! 

Overall I do love this race and the regular Falmouth Road Race. It is one of the more difficult race routes I have encountered but I just love it, and will continue to do it! 

The only complaints were the start and that there is no chip for timing. There are not a ton of people so it is easy to get our right when it starts but it still would be nice, it might shave off a few seconds right! Also there where not a ton of water stops maybe three if that. I didn't mind I only drank water once however it might bother some people. The organization of the race is good as well. If you do get bused to the start line there is a truck where you can check a bag. I have never done that so I a not too sure how it works. Other then that I highly highly suggest doing this race. If you don't get into the lottery for the regular Falmouth Road Race then do this race it is exactly the same with way less people. 

2013 race bibs place proudly on the fridge! I have one last race for 2013 the Turkey Trot in Chatham on Thanksgiving and then I think that will be it, unless I find a really awesome Christmas race! 

QOTD:What do you do with your old race bibs? 

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