Thursday, September 4, 2014

Summer....Where have you gone!?!!?

Summer is over...... and let me just say this summer flew by and I am not sure where it went or how I feel about it going by so fast. I feel like May was just here and now it is September. Even though technically summer is still going on and it feels like summer, here on Cape Cod it is now Fall. Great things come with Fall though, the coolness in the air, boots and sweaters and fall race PR's. As much as I am sad to see another summer pass us by I do enjoy the more relaxed mood in the air that fall brings. 

Over the past few months I have been more then busy as you can tell with the lack of blog posting. First off I've become a travel agent! So please contact me for a free quote on any type travel! I am specializing in Disney travel but of course can book just about anything your heart would desire! You can click the travel button on the banner of my blog for a bit more information, also please go Like my facebook page! Second I have had such a busy race schedule this summer. Some of them I have reviewed and some of them are still on the list to be reviewed but I will work on getting those up as soon as possible. I had the opportunity to run some pretty awesome races this summer and want you to hear all about them!

Before I get into anything else though I will review my Dumbo Double Dare experience! I just came home from Disneyland and while that is fresh in my mind I will tell you how I felt about it! I ran the half last year and decided on the Dumbo this year and will let you know which I liked better. Hang tight everyone there will be many more blog posts, reviews and giveaways!!!!


  1. i did dumbo too! it was also my first half marathon, so i was eagerly looking forward to it all summer. now that it's over, i'm kind of like "where did summer go?!?" i'm definitely not ready for the frigid temperatures of the midwest in winter!

  2. I hear ya! Last year Disneyland was my first runDisney race and I felt like I wished my summer away waiting for it to be time to go to Disneyland! I am so not ready for winter but do love the fall!