Friday, January 30, 2015

Top Ten Tips for Running Princess Marathon Weekend!!!!!

Last year was my first year running during Princess Half Marathon weekend however was not y first RunDisney weekend. Here are my top ten tips/thing I wish I had done to make the best of your race weekend!!!!!

1. Plan your days ahead of time!- For me this was key! Don't just wing it, my Mom and I had an idea of where we were going at all times whether we were going to the expo, restaurants, rides, parks everything we knew where we were going even before we got to Florida. This seems like a no brainer but it helps so much especially when you are not staying for a long period of time. Also when planning don't cram too much into one day. I was running the Glass Slipper Challenge but still wanted to get as much park time in as I could as well as resting as much as I needed. We made sure we knew exactly where we were going and when we were going so that we could make the most of the trip. The magic bands really help with this now as you can make all your restaurant reservations ahead of time as well as get all of your fast passes, and changes thing on the app as needed.

2. Leave enough time at the expo- If this is your first runDisney race in Florida make sure your have enough time to go through the expo thoroughly.  We had certain booths we wanted to go to but we also wanted to see what else there was. We had only been to expos in Disneyland and we knew this one was going to be larger so we wanted to take our time going through. We went to the expo the day we arrived and left that entire day open to relax do the expo and not be rushed. Keep in mind if you are with people who are not running or interested in running don't make the expo a main priority unless they will be doing something else while you are there. 

3. Bring your bib around to the parks!- I didn't do this but so wish I had! Bring your bib around to the parks and have the princesses sign it! I saw so may pictures of this after I ran and was so jealous that I didn't do this. It is such a great idea especially if you are going to frame it after or make a shadow box with your medal and pictures! Do it I promise you will not regret it! 

5. Buy a Tiara!- Bring a tiara with you to wear! I didn't think I would want to wear a tiara during the weekend in fact I am pretty such my Mom and I had talked about it and decided there was no way we were wearing one. Yeah as soon as we got there and everyone had them on we couldn't even stand how cute they were and wanted to have one so badly! We were constantly looking at them in the stores in the parks but they were so expensive we decided next time we were there during that weekend we would wear them! So just buy a cheap one before you go and stick it in your bag I can assure you that you will be wearing it in no time!

6. Go to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!-  Go and ask for some pixie dust they will sprinkle pixie dust (AKA Glitter) all over your head if you are a runner or ran. We went after the half marathon and even though it took days and I mean days to get off my scalp I would do it again! This is another thing just do it, its such a special weekend and so girly and filled with magic just add a little pixie dust ok!

7. Don't Pack Anything but Running Clothes!- We have done runDisney weekends where we packed normal clothes and dresses and all that business but wearing running clothes and sneakers or comfortable sandals is the way to go. We packed cute running clothes and maybe one sun dress for this weekend and I will tell you it made things so much easier and more comfortable. After running so much during the weekend and having such a jam packed weekend of park hopping and such I just wanted to be comfortable. Everyone else is going to be wearing the same thing so don't think you will look out of place. 

8. Where your Medals with Pride!- Wear your medals for as long as you are there! When else are you going to wear that amount of bling around! Where it with pride whether you run the 5k, 10k, Half or all three! You earned it show it off!

9. Don't go for a PR!- Unless you want to! These races are so much fun and have so many things going on take it all in. If you want to stop to take a picture stop to take a picture don't worry about your time. Also you pay so much to run them get your moneys worth!  

10 Lastly HAVE FUN!- Don't let anything bring you down during this race weekend enjoy yourself and have a blast! The weekend will go by so quickly so take it all in and embrace your inner Princess!

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QOTD: Do you have any tips you would like to add? Comment down below!


  1. All great tips! :) I especially love the one about bringing your race bib to have the Princesses sign it! Such a cute idea!! :D Have a great time at Princess, Kara!

    1. I loved the idea when I saw it but of course I was already home and it was too late to do it! Definitely a must for next time!