Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chatham Turkey Trot and Energy Bits Winner!

First off I will start wit the Energy bits winner!!!!!! Amy McGrade!! Congratulations! Thank you to everyone that entered, I will be having another giveaway within the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

Next my review on the Chatham Turkey Trot I ran on Thanksgiving! This is a little late coming but it will be top of mind in your brain for next year!

My mom and I signed up to run the Chatham Turkey Trot. This was the first race of the year for her since last year. She got out of running for a little bit but is back now and getting ready to run the Enchanted 10k with me in February and hopefully she will be up for running the Disneyland half with me this summer, her first half ever! So back on track.....The race started at 8am right in Chatham center. We live about twenty minutes away and left around 7. The race is an not timed so you do not have to pick up a number. The race cost was $15 and that included a race t-shirt and beverages at the end and through out the race. You also had to bring a bag of canned goods. The shirts are really cute at least I think so for kicking around in. I actually wore mine on Thanksgiving ha-ha!

When we arrived there were already many people there and we ended up getting a parking space right near the start/finish line. We brought our bag of canned goods and picked up our shirts and then hung out in our car until the start. It was a pretty cold day and a bit windy the race was right along the water. About 10 minutes before the start we got out of the car and moved right up to the front of the start. Because it was not timed I wanted to get the most accurate time for myself. The race started and I took off, my mom is a bit slower then me and we have found that running together just doesn't work for us. The beginning of the race was right along the water and was very windy but it was beautiful out. I was pretty bundled up and actually got hot during the race. The route is really nice a few hills but small ones and then you would go right down. The view was so pretty that the race just flew by the ocean and beautiful house, I always love when that happens! There were a few water stops along the way that were set up.  All of a sudden the finish line was right in front of me. The finish line however was a bit strange there was just a big orange cone and a man standing there holding his hands up to stop. Once again it was not a times race so that was ok. I waited for my mom to finish and then we headed to go get some breakfast! It ended up being a great run for both of us!

The race was a really good time, it was cold but we both had a lot of fun, and it is a great way to start off Thanksgiving day. You can also feel ok about eating as much as you want because you ran a race! I would highly recommend this race for anyone looking for one to run next year. It is laid back and fun, there were about 1,000 runners but it didn't seem over crowded! Also you can walk the race if you would like and it was dog friendly! A must do for next year plus you get a cute/silly shirt! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and can you believe Christmas is a week away!!!!!! I hope everyone is all done with their shopping and able to relax and enjoy Christmas lights and cookies and parties for the next week!

That's me in the hot pink!

QOTD: Did you run a Turkey Trot where you live?

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