Thursday, February 6, 2014

Who Stole My Motivation!!!!

This week I have found myself in a MAJOR rut...I have no motivation to run or do anything for that matter and I am tired and I don't know why! I went to the dreaded gym on Tuesday ran 2 miles and two 800 yard sprints and decided I didn't want to be on the treadmill anymore. I had planned on running five miles but just didn't have it in me. I was going to go to the gym yesterday and just thought, no I don't want to. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM! I have been in running ruts before but have managed to get myself out there and run even though my body tells me no, but right now I just don't feel like it..... I need help!

Another thing that is seriously not helping me is all of this SNOW! I love snow so much but this year it is killing me. Don't get me wrong I have absolutely enjoyed the once a week snow days we have been having however it is freezing and I want to be able to run outside again! I will say I did run outside last weekend 5.5 miles with my Mom on Saturday and then 10 miles on Sunday and it was so nice, the miles file by! Can that weather come back now please!

So with all my complaining aside does anyone have any suggestions to up my motivation, and not feel like I want to lay down and take a nap as soon as I get up in the morning! I need help! Comment below if you are feeling this way so I don't feel like a major loser who can't get their act together! 

Whiny, Complaining, Unmotivated, Tired, Annoying Kara

Now a sweet puppy picture to brighten your day a bit!


  1. Giiiiiiiiiiiirl, I hear you! I am in NY - I live on LI but work in Manhattan. And it's been snow/ice/snow/ice/ice/moresnow/onedayofwarmth/snow. It has zapped my motivation as well. I was supposed to go to the gym on Tues and Wed and I was like ehhh nevermind. I never do that. I am excited to go today! But even my running has stalled which is screwy because I have a half to train for. You are not alone! We'll get through this! :)

  2. You are singing the song of my people! That would be the couch people...I am a solid member of the idontwannaidontwanna club. I even tried another motivational sticker calendar; it is lamely taped to my refrigerator with 3 lonely stickers :(
    I also ran outside on Sat and Sun and it was the best but then the dreaded snow...could only drag myself to the gym once since the weekend :( I fear I won't get my trilogy jacket...just have not trained enough for the 1/2 on Feb 23. Maybe I'll come up with my own trilogy (and jacket) and I'll be sure all the 1/2's are during the warm weather months!