Monday, February 17, 2014

100 Likes!!! and Ignite Naturals INRefresh Review and Giveaway!!!

First off we hit over 100 likes on facebook! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It means so much you have no idea! This also means time for a giveaway to celebrate!!!

A few weeks ago I was asked to sample Ignite Naturals INRefresh Electrolytes. I was a bit undecided when first asked, I have not been a fan of the taste of these type supplements before so was on the fence. Before agreeing to try it I read up on the company a bit and looked to see what they were all about and what they had to offer in their products. The biggest things that stood out to me as soon as I reached their website were they use REAL FOOD ingredients and they are a 100% plant based product. After reading these two things I was sold but continued to find out a bit more. They have supplements for every aspect of your workout. Before, during and after, supplements to carb load, recovery supplements, energy supplements. You name it they have it and at a decent price in my opinion. Another deciding factor was the interesting flavors they have. Not just your standard grape, cherry, lime they have things like blueberry, dragon fruit lemon lime, and tangerine passion fruit and these are just the flavors for the electrolyte supplement. This company seems to think outside the box so I decided to give it a go!

Once I got my sample in the mail I was dying to try it! I ran seven miles the night it came so it was perfect timing to rehydrate my electrolytes! I first tried the blueberry, kept it simple! They come in pre-measured packets you pour into a water bottle with 8-12 ounces of water. I am going to be honest I was expecting some funny taste like the other I had tried and forced down but was pleasantly surprised when this was delicious! Went down easy didn't leave a weird after taste, in fact thought about trying another flavor but decided to hold back. The next day after my run I tried the tangerine passion fruit and was equally pleased! Still delicious! These also made me feel a lot better after my runs. Sometimes I do longer runs and right before I go to bed I am so thirsty I have to down a few water bottles, this really helped with that feeling. I was very happy. I then tried the passion fruit lemon lime before a workout one day and found I wasn't as thirsty during my run. The passion fruit lemon lime was my least favorite flavor I am not a lemon lime girl however it was still pretty good and still was not forcing myself to drink it!

I am very impressed with this product and this company. I am super excited to try these during the summer. When the warmer weather hits I sometimes don't hydrate enough during the day and cramp up so this will be added to my daily water intake! I am very excited to try their other supplements too, I am sure they will be equally as effective and delicious!

Now for one lucky reader you are going to get to try a sample for yourself!!!!! The contest will end Tuesday 2/25! 
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Disclosure: Although I was given a sample of Ignite Naturals INRefresh Electrolytes all opinions are my own .


  1. I drink tons of water all the time. I havent found electrolytes that i love. Cant wait to try these!

  2. I've heard electrolye supplements work really well; would love to try them!

  3. Always chugging water after a run. Excited to try a plant based electrolyte supplement.

  4. I try a lot of different electrolyte drinks. Would love to try this one being it is plant based.

  5. I haven't tried these electrolytes yet. I generally drink them after workouts or a long day at work. Plant based is a major plus!

  6. I love electrolyte supplements - I think they do help, even if it is just a placebo effect - I still use them! :)