Saturday, March 1, 2014

Princess Half Marathon Expo Recap!!!!

I can't believe Princess Half Marathon weekend is over! It seemed like just yesterday I was eagerly awaiting the sign up and then the weekend just flew by and it was amazing!!!!! Before I get into that I wanted to announce the winner of the Ignite Naturals INRefesh Sample......Yvonne! Congratulations you should be receiving that in the mail soon!

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Now moving on to Princess Half Marathon Weekend!!!

My mom and I left Providence for Orlando at 7am on Friday. I had been completely stressing out about the stupid Minnie and Cinderella shoes all week. When they came out with the virtual que for runners I was right on at six on Friday, and of course I got the time slot 9am. My flight was not getting into Orlando until 9:45 figures! I decided just head over there as soon as we got to the expo and if I didn't get the shoes it was not meant to be.

We landed went over to our hotel Port Orleans Riverside checked in and then we were on our way to the expo by noon! The Expo was at ESPN Wide World of Sports which was Huge! I had never been there before and didn't know what to expect. I walked in and headed straight over to the New Balance line. I got right in, they said it didn't matter what time you were suppose to be there as long as your number or hour had already been called you could come at any time but they could not guarantee they would have the shoes that you had requested. I had wanted the Minnie's but they ended up being sold out of my size so I asked to see the Cinderella's and fell in LOVE! I love the pink of the Minnie's but they were such a thick shoe for walking around in. I wasn't going to be running in them so I wanted something that was slimmer. The Cinderella shoes are sparkly and the color is amazing and they are light weight! I was sold as soon as I put them on my feet! I put the satin ribbons in and I was on my way! Beware for anyone that is planning on buying the shoes at the next Disney event they do run small so I ended up going up a size, but get them they are the best!

I met my Mom right after I got my shoes. She had forgotten something in the hotel room and had to go back mid way to the expo. After I found her we headed over to number pick up. That was super easy no line we were in and out in a few minutes. One thing I was a bit confused about was the runDisney booth where number pick up was I didn't know there was another one in the main expo until one of the workers told me. We decided to head up to that one instead because the one at number pick up was pretty much picked over!

We headed over to the main expo area and went to get my moms shirt for the 10k and then into the runDisney booth. I have to say it was also pretty picked over by the time I got there and I was kind of disappointed by the lack of Glass Slipper Challenge merchandise. I wanted there to be more, and the stuff that they had I wasn't crazy about and found that the half marathon and 10k stuff was much cuter! I ended up just buying a car magnet and thought I might find some cute 19.3 stuff around the expo. We walked around making sure to hit almost every booth and enjoy the experience. One addition I loved this year was the runDisney buttons. When we went over to get ours they said they were all out but then someone came over with a few bags full of them so we ended up getting some! I was so happy I love those stupid Disney buttons!

After we did a little shopping we headed over to the ESPN Grill and got some burgers we were starving and we still needed to get KT taped and also wait for my moms time to get her shoes. As soon as we had finished eating we got a text that she could come over to New Balance to get her shoes. She was on the fence about the shoes she didn't think she was going to get them so when we got the text she thought well I guess I will just go try them on she didn't think she was going to buy them. She headed over and I went back to get a sweatshirt I head been eye balling and told her I would be back in a few minutes. I literally was gone for five minutes if that and when I came back she was already in the check out line. I went over and said are you buying them and she said they were just too cute not to. We then headed over to Sparkle Athletics so she could buy some crowns to lace in that I had bought earlier. We then referred to our shoes all weekend as our "Cindy's!" Best purchase all weekend!

(The Silver Crowns DO NOT come with the shoes. Many people asked us as we were walking around. They are from Sparkle Athletics, so do not think New Balance forgot to give you something if you bought the Cindy shoes!)
Following that we went over to get taped and then we were out of there! We had already spent what seemed like hours shopping around and wanted to get to downtown Disney.  The KT Tape line was long but we met some great girls running and chatted for a while making the line fly by! After that we headed back to the hotel room to change and my Mom needed to get her "Cindy's" on and we were headed to dinner. We took the river boat from our hotel to downtown Disney and ate at Planet Hollywood. We got right in we couldn't believe it! That place always has a line! We ate grabbed some sweets after and then headed back to go to bed. We had had a long day and needed to be ready for an early wake up call in the morning for the Enchated 10K!

Overall Thoughts on the Expo: We had a great time we spent a long time there which we didn't do in Disneyland when we were there in the summer. I felt it was very organized and not super crowded. The only time we had to wait was for KT Tape but that was expected. We got everything we wanted as well. The one thing I was disappointed with was the lack of Glass Slipper Challenge stuff as I had mentioned before I just wish that Disney would make a little more of their merchandise so people coming the following days of the expo still had a chance of getting it. Other then that we had a great time and were super excited about all of our purchases!

QOTD: What Shoes would you buy Minnie or Cinderella!?

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  1. Congrats on the shoes! So cute. I do love my Minnies!