Monday, March 17, 2014

Final Thoughts on Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2014!

So after reviewing the expo and the races I wanted to give you all my final thoughts on the weekend. There were so many things I like and something I didn't but for the most part I had an absolute blast! 

The Pros of the weekend.......

1. The new balance runners que made getting the sneakers a bit easier! I will admit I was totally stressed out about this for.....weeks (I am blushing...theses are only sneakers right!) and I will admit when I entered the que at 6 am the day I was leaving to go to Florida and got an assigned time of 9 am I was even more stressed knowing I wasn't going to get there until at least noon! However it ended up being fine and I was able to get my sneakers as soon as I got to the expo.

2. The new runDisney pins! I loved that they had these at the expo! I for one am obsessed with those dumb pins and make sure I get one as soon as I get into the parks so I was really excited to see a runDisney one I could ad to my purse strap! Now lets get them for the different races!!!

3. The layout of the expo was great. I never felt like the expo was too crowded. There were many, many people there but it was set up in such a way that I was able to get and do everything I wanted without feeling rushed or that I would be waiting in line for hours.

4. The start line being so close to where the bus drops you off for the 10k. I loved that we didn't have to go far for the corrals and start line during the 10k It was not overly crowded so you were able to hang out use the bathroom and still have time to get in your corral instead of walking a mile to the start line. I really liked that.

5. The crowd support and entertainment during the half marathon. I was disappointed during the 10k (see cons) with the lack of crowd support but the half  made up for it. I even felt the runners during the half were more supportive then during the 10k.

6. The ease of getting a bus too and from the races. I know some people had a problem with this but I never waited for a bus long to get to the race or to get back to my hotel. I was pleasantly surprised and I always got a seat on the bus not having to stand which was also great!

7. The volunteers on and off the course were awesome during the race. Everyone I encountered that was volunteering was exceptionally nice and super positive. It may have just been someone helping you with your bag or placing a medal over your head instead of handing it to you. Those little details are what really stand out for me.

And for the cons......

1. The new balance shoes!! Now I know this was a pro but Disney why do you need to make us freak out about them! I wish we had been able to pre-order what we wanted in advance like the Dooneys. However in saying that I did think I wanted the Minnies and then fell in love with the Cindy's so that might not have worked in my favor, but can we make this a little easier so I don't lose sleep over them next time!

2. More runDisney merchandise. I was disappointed when I got the expo that so many things had already sold out in one day. I was really hoping to get a head band and they were of course all gone by the time I was there. Also the "live like a beauty, run like a beast" I was confused on these. I heard some people went back to the expo after the half and got "princess (then your name)" on the back of them. I wish I had known about those, can someone comment below and explain this better to me because I was and still am confused by that, was there more going on at the expo after the races? 

3. The lack of Glass Slipper challenge merchandise. I wanted there to be more not only in the runDisney booth but in other booths as well. I wanted more 19.3 stuff!

4. The lack of crowd support during the 10k. I really hoped there was going to be more going on. My Mom and I had a great time but I think she was a little disappointed and so was I by the lack of characters that were outside the park and then the lack of people cheering inside the park. I had hoped for more cast members to be out cheering us on, but thank you to the ones that were! Good crowd support can really make a race amazing!

5. The distance from where they drop you off to the start line for the half marathon. I was there in plenty of time but felt totally rushed getting to the bathroom and then to the start line. I think maybe there should have been a few more port-o-potties and a slightly shorter walk to the start line.

All in all however we had an AMAZING weekend it flew by before our eyes but we had a blast, and can't wait to do it again in the future! Even with the few cons they did not take away from our awesome Princess Weekend! We loved every magical mile we ran through out the races and then walked through out the parks!

In case you missed my Expo, 10k and half reviews check them out by clicking the link!

QOTD: Tell me about the "Live like a beauty, run like a beast" shirts!


  1. I think runDisney has a serious problem with their supply chain. This week it's being reported that plenty of Princess Half Marathon merchandise is showing up at the outlet stores. Magnets, shirts, jackets...

  2. Great Recap! I liked your pros and cons... I realize that it was a "Princess" race, but runDisney needed some tshirts for the guys... We had family running different races, so altogether, we brought home all the trophies! I'd like to know what you think...