Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I am back......

Hello all, I am back after almost a two year hiatus I have decided to get back to my blogging (roaring applause 👏 ) I know I know you have missed me but a lot had happened/changed in my life in the last few years. I am happy that I still have a small following, thanks for those who have stuck around I know the silence has been deafening however I am back and ready to BLOG! 

In the past I was primarily a product/race/running blogger, things are going to change a bit. I am still going to do both, fewer race recaps but there will still be some in there. Some product reviews for runners/athletes/makeup junkies (Anyone want to send me something to review send it along!) I will also be blogging about getting back into working out/ getting married/ changing careers and much much more. I am even going to start doing cupcake/dessert blogs! Things are getting wild people!

Bare with me as I get back into the grove, I am thinking of starting on a schedule of three times a week starting with Tuesdays, Thursday and Sundays and maybe a few random posts in between! So for all of you that are still reading, buckle up it is going to be a fun ride! 

In true fashion I will now leave you with a an adorable photo of my two fur babies! 

Leave a comment below if there is anything you would love me to blog about and if you are still reading! Bueller......Bueller....

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