Saturday, January 26, 2013

January Ipsy Glam Bag!!!

So my January Ipsy Glam Bag finally came today! This was my first Ipsy bag I had been getting Birchboxes for the past year or so and I needed a change and nothing against Birchbox but they should take a lesson from the people at Ipsy! This bag was full of great things that were a very decent size and things that I will actually use and buy that won't cost me a fortune! Also they come with a nice makeup bag each month instead of a cardboard box that I normally just threw away or woud leave lying around my room for months!

This is how my Ipsy bag arrived in the mail...Even before opening it I was already in LOVE! This packaging not only was pink but it was also shiny! I was pretty impressed with this package!

I finally got over the packaging and this is what I found inside a cute little navy makeup bag full of goodies and a great concealer brush!

The first thing I pulled out of the bag was this nude polish called Frappe by nailtini I have heard great things about this nail polish so I am very excited to try it. I also love the nude color I don't typically buy nude nail polish but when I do I remember how much I love it! So I can't wait to try this one! Also this is a full size nail polish which was another bonus because this retails for $13 which already covers the cost of the $10 a month Ipsy bag! 

Next is thJosie Maran 100% pure Argan Oil, this stuff is suppose to be awesome, you can use it on your hair, nails or skin! I haven't tried it yet but I am so excited to. All the reviews for this are five star so, I am sure I am going to love it! 

The third item I pulled out of the bag was the Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray! I already have a full size bottle of this but this one is great for traveling. It is 1.5 oz. so it is safe to bring on a plane and is an essential when setting your hair for an updo or just adding some volume when your hair is looking a little flat! I love this stuff and I am so glad I have a small one I can easily take anywhere with me! 

The next thing was this great Pacifica Blood Orange Body Butter. I have heard really great things about  this body butter, I am always looking for good lotions and I was eager to try this one. I will admit the smell of it is very strong and I am normally not a fan of the smell of oranges but this one reminds me of tropical punch. I tried it on my hands and I really liked it, it didn't leave a greasy feeling like some lotions do so that was a plus. This will definitely be a staple in my purse! 

The last thing that was not in the makeup bag but was in the awesome pink package was the London SOHO New York Concealer Brush this retails for $7.99. I love getting new brushes and this one is really great. It is super soft and and the way the handle is designed it is easy to hold. Good brushes are essential when it comes to your making up looking good and I would recommend this brush and this company!

Lastly I wanted to show you the inside of the makeup bag that came with everything in it! I love the stars it is a nice touch to the navy bag! This bag is the perfect size as well to put things in and throw in your purse. I am so looking forward to getting a new makeup bag each month. All in all I was completely satisfied with the January Ipsy Glam Bag and I am so glad I switched from Birchbox to Ipsy!

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