Sunday, February 3, 2013

Early Birthday Present!!!

So my Grandma was so nice to get me a Nike + SportsWatch GPS  as an early birthday present. Well very very early my birthday is in May. She knew I had really wanted the watch to track my training for the Disneyland Half Marathon! She is the BEST! 

She got me the White/ Silver one which is the one I had really wanted I was so excited! She ordered it at Best Buy and I was able to pick it up at the store. It was ready to be picked up about a half an hour after she had placed the order. I couldn't wait to get it home and try it out! 

The thing I love about this watch is it is large as you can see but it's not too big. I have pretty average size wrists and although it is big it's not too much. On the left is the clock front that shows when you are not  tracking a run. Then on the right is the menu that you can select with the buttons on the side. The white buttons on the left side of the watch are the up and down and the silver is the select button. The buttons are also a nice size and easy to use while running or when you are getting ready to start a run. Also if you tap the front of the watch it lights up which will be good for running when it is getting dark but also makes the screen a little easier to see when you want to look at it really quick.

This is the side view which this picture really makes it look bigger then it actually is it's not that bad. It is very comfortable and not heavy at all. I also love that the screen is large enough so everything is easy to see without having to squint or bring it close to your face.

When you are running there are a few settings that you can pick from to show your pace or your calories burned or time elapsed. You can change those and pick what you want to show while you are running. I like to have the distance that I have run as well as the pace at which I am running.

 Once you open the watch and start playing with it the directions tell you to go to and download the software for the watch. That will set the time on the watch and you will be able to set up your profile. You connect the watch with the hidden USB and a cord that connects into your computer. This also charges the watch. 

When it is not connected to the computer the USB snaps up into the watch so you don't feel it when it is on.

I really liked this feature on the watch it was neat and I liked that there wasn't a spot on the side of the watch to plug in a cord. This is nice and hidden which makes the look of the watch even sleeker.

The next thing that is included with the watch is the Nike+ sensor. I don't have Nike shoes so I needed this for the tracking on the watch to be accurate. You can buy the watch without the sensor and I think it might be $20 cheaper. I would recommend getting the watch with the sensor however even if you have Nike shoe to get the most accurate results.

The sensor you are suppose to stick in your left shoe under the sole. It is a bit thick however and I could feel it when I put it in my shoe. If you have Nike shoes there is a spot under the sole that bumps down a bit where you can put the sensor in and not feel it. I had to figure something out so I wouldn't feel it in my shoe so I found a little jewelry pouch and slipped it in and tied it into the laces of my shoe. 

This is what it looks like...I know it's a little funny but I ordered a Silicone Skin Pouch to put the sensor in, that your lace your shoe laces through. 

All in all I really love this watch it is comfortable and it looks more stylish then some other GPS watches. It all has a feminine touch to it as well which can be hard to find. The one complaint I am having with this is, I am having a hard time calibrating it. The directions say to do an outside run around 1/2 mile to 1 mile in a a spot that isn't over crowded with trees. I did this in my neighborhood and I think maybe I have to go to a track and run a half a mile because it didn't work so well. My watch it telling me I am running much longer then I  am and at a speed that is way to fast for me. I am not worried about figuring this out I have plenty of time to get it to work and right now my training is easy enough that I know how fast I am running and how far. I know what your thinking if it's not tracking the accurate time and distance then why do you like it? Well I haven't had time to calibrate it the correct way, once it is calibrated I am confident that it will be accurate every time! And all the other features add to me liking the watch too!

As for my dieting and training it is going really well! I am down to my goal weight of 110 which I am happy with. I have been tracking my calories and trying to eat more fruit and vegetables. It is amazing how much better my running is when I eat right. My whole body feels better and I don't feel so tired after my runs. Don't get me wrong I am not skipping out on all the things I like to eat, it is all about moderation and not stuffing yourself. I had blueberry pancakes for breakfast on Saturday and didn't feel guilty about it at all and they were delicious! I refuse to completely cut out sweets and desserts, as long as it's not everyday I am fine! 

Next post will be about the new Urban Decay Glinda Oz Palette! I am so excited to write a review about this! It is BEAUTIFUL! But you will have to wait to hear about it later! 

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