Sunday, February 24, 2013

Urban Decay Glinda Palette!!!!

It has been a crazy few weeks! I really wanted to get this blog up weeks ago but it never happened and then there was the blizzard and I didn't have internet and enough with the excuses so here it is the blog I have been eagerly waiting to write! I am going to review the Urban Decay Glinda Palette! This Palette comes with the tin which the eye shadows pop out of, a full size Super Saturated High- Gloss Lip Color, a travel size 24/7 eye liner and 6 (or eight, 2 of them have two colors in them) beautiful eye shadows!

This is the front and back of the packaging I loved the pastel and silver color of the packaging. It almost has a mirrored look to it. 

This is the palette itself front and back. It is a tin palette which I really like, because it is easy to clean off which a lot of my palettes have makeup and powder on them just from use, so this is nice I can just wipe a wet cloth on it and it will look like new again!

This little card was also included in the box which was how to get the look that Glinda (Michelle Williams) is wearing. I like when they do this however the one complaint I do have about this is that it used the names of the shadows to use in the step by step instructions. I know your thinking why don't you like this?! At first I hadn't memorized the names of each shadow so I kept having to pop them out and see if I had the right one. I wish next to the name on the step by step instructions it had a description of which color was which.

Now onto the lip colors which fell out of the box next! This is the Glinda Super Saturated High-Gloss Lip Color which I LOVE! The color is Glinda and is only sold with the palette but it is similar to the Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Naked. You can see the color on my hand it is really beautiful on. It is just enough color for an everyday look. 

And now the Eye Shadows!!!!!!


The colors in the palette are so beautiful! They are light and can be used for everyday but you can also pack on the color for a dark smoked look! I normally go for darker smokey colors but after I saw this at Sephora I knew I had to have this palette!

This is the first color in the palette Tornado!  It is a deep metallic purple almost an eggplant, it goes on light but you can pack it in for a smokey look.

The next shadow in the palette is one of the double shadows Aura. Now I have been mixing these together and using them separately. They are great to use at a highlight mixed together or using just one. The color that looks like an white-ish blue comes out more like a light shimmery lavender, and then the more ivory color is a pinky ivory shimmer. They are both incredibly beautiful!

The third color is this beautiful pink called Magic, and it is MAGIC! When I first saw it I thought you could use it as a blush as well as an eyeshadow. I do this all the time, if I have a pinky eye shadow color I always will try it out as a blush. That being said this is beautiful as a blush, it has a shimmer in it so it can also be used as a highlight which I love, and it is just enough pink to give you a nice pop. As for it being an eyeshadow I LOVE it. Sometimes pink eyeshadows aren't so great for me, but not this one! it's not too pink it's just perfect, it almost has a gold-ness to it as well, it is just beautiful!

So this color is one of my favorites. Illusion, it surprised me at first I thought it would be a good base color but then when I put it on it came out looking much lighter then I thought. I then started using it as a highlight on my brow bone. It is just beautiful because it is almost skin colored with a shimmer. One of my favorites in this palette, and it can go with so many other shadows that might not be in the palette.

The second double shadow is OZ. I love love love the silver in the shadow. Silver shadows are so beautiful to me, I love to just pack the silver on when doing a smokey eye, and this one is now one of my favorite silvers I have. The gold I also really like but it has chunky glitter in it which Urban Decay does sometimes. Now don't get me wrong I am a HUGE fan of glitter I use to put craft glitter on my eyes when I was in middle school. I have transitioned from craft store glitter to glitter made by makeup companies, however I hate when it falls off your eyes and on your face when applying. So for this gold you do have to be careful when applying it that you use something that is going to catch the glitter. That being said the gold is fabulous, it can be packed on for a super gold look or you can use a little for a hint of gold. 

The last color in this palette is South. This I thought was going to be darker then it was when I put it on, but it wasn't. You can create a light smokey look for during the day, or once again you can pack this one on as well fo ra darker smokey look for night. This also has a shimmer in it which I really like!

So here are all the colors on my skin. I put a primer on so you could see the true color of these shadows. As you can see they are fabulous! The last thing that came in this palette was a travel size 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil. The color of the pencil is called Rockstar which is one of Urban Decays regular colors so you can get it anytime, not just in a palette. 

This picture is not great, but as you can see it is a deep eggplant color. It goes great with these shadows in the palette.

I hope this review helps if you where thinking about getting this palette. I will admit that I was unsure of which to get the Theodora palette or the Glinda but once I saw this one at Sephora I knew this was it! The Theodora colors are beautiful as well just a totally different look.  I know these palettes also came out several weeks ago but you can still get them at Sephora online and in stores and also on the Urban Decay website so go quickly and get them while you still can! 

Next blog will be about my February Ipsy bag which was just as good as last months! It will not take me as long to get that blog up, so get excited to see what came this month!

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