Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sweet Bella....

So here is a little something to make everyones Valentines Day that much better!!! A year ago today I picked up my sweet Bella from the airport! All two pounds of her flew from Missouri to Boston in a small crate in cargo (luckily it was a warmer day then today and it wasn't snowing). When I finally got her the guys working in cargo forced me to take her out, I was a bit unsure I didn't know if she would run off or what she would do she didn't know me but to my surprise I took her out and she started kissing my face, and has been as sweet as that ever since. She slept snuggled in my lap the entire way home and has been by my side ever since! She is now a whopping 6 pounds and is still as cute as ever! You will now have picture overload of her from the past year!

Now if that face doesn't brighten your day I don't think anything will! 

P.S. sorry I am so obsessed with my dog but she is just so cute I can't get over it!

Happy Valentines Day!

Glinda Palette review coming soon!!!!!!

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