Friday, March 8, 2013

February Ipsy!!!

So I know it is March already but I get my Ipsy in the middle of the month so it takes me a little bit to try all the products so finally here is my review!!!

Once again it came in the fabulous PINK metallic packaging which I am hoping is going to continue because just the package alone makes me super happy! Anyway the theme of the February Ipsy was Red Carpet ready inspired by award season!

It came with this little card inside and on one side of the card as you can see in the picture on the left it gives you coupons to get discounts on the things that came in the bag! All you have to do is go to the Ipsy website to redeem the coupon! 

Next was the makeup bag this month, it was a shiny patent leather looking bag with a nice red inside it reminded me of a pair of Louboutin's! (Sorry the picture of the outside of the bag is a bit blurry)

First thing I pulled out of the bag was the Coastal Scents Four pack of eye shadows!

I was instantly in love with these colors! So this is going to get a little confusing because I am going to tell you the colors but the little palette is flipped in two different directions in the pictures ahh!!! Don't worry you will get it because I am going to explain it oh so well! so first color is Ashen (photo on the left it is the bottom right shadow; photo on the right it is the bottom left shadow) It is a light gold-ish silver color and is beautiful for an all over shade on the eye lid. Next color is called Candlelight (left photo it is the top left shadow; right photo it is the top right shadow.) This white iridescent shadow is great as a highlight on the brow bone or a highlight on the inside corner of your eye, or for both! Third shadow is Incognito (left photo, bottom left shadow; right photo top left shadow.) Now I love this shadow but it is DARK so be careful not to put a lot on unless that is what you are going for. I use this one as my accent on the outer corner of my eye lid and blend it in. The color is a deep gray in the photos it seems darker then gunmetal but it isn't. It is very very pigmented which I really like and blends beautifully. Finally the last shadow is called Gunmetal (Left photo it is the top right shadow; right photo it is the bottom right shadow) This shadow is a darker gray with more of a shimmer to it, I use this as more of an eye liner and smudge it underneath my lower lid. That has been my go to look for the past couple of weeks now and I am running out of Ashen. I have fallen in love with these shadows and they are pretty inexpensive so I am thinking of buying some of the Coastal Scents palettes, they have some really great things on there website go check it out!

That was the longest part of the review I PROMISE! Next up is the POPBeauty Smokey Lash Kapow masacra

Now I am really loving this masacra right now, it makes your lashes look so long and thick almost as if you are wearing false eye lashes, so I am a big fan. Also it is super black which I LOVE the darker the better when it comes to masacra! 

Next up is these silly little things called Lash Card's that look like so much fun!

I have not used these yet I don't typically have a problem with getting the mascara on my eye lids after I put it on, but I know it can be a BIG problem! I think these things are a great idea especially if you are getting ready for a special event where you want to pack on the mascara and want to insure that nothing is going to get on your beautiful shadow that just took you so long to do! So thumbs up to the company for coming up with this amazing idead!!

Next and one of my favorites from this Ipsy bag was the Gel Eyeliner by Micabeauty in the color black!

This stuff goes on so unbelievably smooth it's not even funny. I have tried a lot fo gel eyeliners and this is by far my favorite. All you have to do is lightly draw it along your lash line and it is dark and smooth and perfect. I just LOVE it!

I also really liked this and have been using it since I got my Ipsy bag, if you has read a few blogs ago I talked about how I was starting to get into face primers so I was excited when this one came so I could compare it to the primer I had just bought at Sephora. Still up in the air which I like better but I am a fan!!!

That is all for the February Ipsy but as you can see this one was just as good as last months so hurry up and sign up to get your Ipsy bag, you will not regret spending the $10 a month I can guarantee that! Also even if you are new to makeup this is great because you will get things from all different brands to try and things that you might not have even thought to buy! I HIGHLY recommend!

Lastly I follow Kandee Johnson's blog, she did a video for valentines day using all of the things that came in the Ipsy bag this month so go check it out Kandee Johnson Valentines Day Look. Also follow her blog she always has great videos on there of new makeup looks as well as other fun and stylish things, and she is always super upbeat and happy about everything she is doing so go follow her!

I will leave you with a picture of DELICIOUS cupcakes I made for my friends Bridal Shower!!


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