Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Disneyland Half Marathon Recap Part 1 (Arrival and First Day)!!!!

So yes I know it has been months and months and months since I updated my blog, trying to find the time to update has been quite difficult but I am hoping to find time to write short blogs as much as I can. Now onto my Disneyland recap part 1!!!!

As some of you may know I signed up for the disneyland half marathon in January saying that this was going to be my first half marathon I was going to run...well being the person I am I thought mid may I should try a half and see where I was in my training, and that ended up going great!

Moving right along to my second half, we left for California Thursday morning bright and early to make our 7 o'clock flight. We flew Virgin America which we had flown before but I liked much better this time then last. We landed at LAX around 10:30 and went right to our hotel the Disneyland Hotel which was incredibly convenient to the race start and everything in Disneyland. We stayed in the Adventure land tower which was great. (note how cool the headboard of our bed was! We wanted to keep it lit up all night but found it was too bright!)

After Checking into our hotel we went into downtown disney and had lunch at the rainforest cafe which was pretty good and the restaurant was really cool, they also had this pretty cool hat I was going to buy but decided against it ;)

Following lunch we laid by the pool for a while then headed to ESPN Zone for dinner and walked around Downtown Disney for the night, it wasn't super busy yet I think a lot of the runners were getting there the following day.

We headed back early because we were exhausted and wanted to be up early for the expo and to pick up my number, and then to head to the parks! I was so excited I could barely sleep, I needed to see what this run disney experience was going to be all about! 

Part 2....Number pick up, expo and two park days! Coming Tomorrow!

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