Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Disneyland Half Marathon Recap Part 2 (Expo and Park Days!)!!!!!

I will try to make this part a bit more interesting then the last! Friday morning we got up nice and early, we had planned on going to breakfast and then to number pick up and the expo. When I woke up I had a text from my mom saying someone working at the hotel said that we could pick up our numbers at nine which we had originally thought was ten. At this point it was about 8:40 so we headed down to wait in line. We waited and waited and nine quickly came and went and we were still in line not moving at all. Turns out number pick up did start at ten, however we were one of the first twenty people or so in line, so that ended up working out in our favor.

The line went down this ramp into a garage type building. Finally it was ten and they started letting us in, I ran to pick my number up and headed upstairs not knowing that the GET travel booth was downstairs where I needed to pick up my park tickets. I headed upstairs thinking I was going to have to wait in the expo line which was now wrapping around the building. However the people working said if you have your number then you can go right in and pass everyone in line! 

The Expo was crazy in the rundisney booth! I have never seen so many people just grabbing handfuls of clothing and getting in line to buy them. The line was so long I just skipped that area and went to shirt pickup. I did stop at raw threads along the way and bought a boston strong tank top! 

I was probably one of the first to pick up my race t-shirts grabbed that and then headed out only to realize we had forgotten our park tickets. A nice disney cast member let us use the elevator downstairs to get back to number pick up and grab our park tickets. We were out of the expo by 10:30 record time if I do say so myself!

Later on that day I realized my race t-shirt even though it was a size small was longer on me then most dresses I wear, there was a place to exchange your shirt which I went back to several times to get an extra small but no such luck. I ended up buying a t-shirt later on that day at the rundisney booth when the line had gone way down! The Expo and number pick up were crazy and hectic and not something I wanted to spend anymore time at. It was so stressful and didn't need to be. I was not a fan of this whole experience at all!

Following that chaos we were off to grab some breakfast quickly at the earl of sandwich in Downtown Disney and then off to California Adventures! 

We got in very quickly and ran straight to Tower of Terror but of course saw Mickey when we first stepped through the gates and had to stop to take a picture with him.

The rest of the day we spent at California Adventures went to Tower of Terror, grabbed some awesome Minnie ears, and rode the rides all day. The lines were not that bad but it was hot out! We ended up mid day going to see the Aladdin show so we could be inside for an hour or so, and the show ended up being very good! Later that night we went back to Downtown Disney for dinner, we ate at the House of Blues, and then headed back to California Adventures for the World of Color Show!

On to day before the race! I started to get really nervous on Saturday. I kept thinking on no what if I don't finish, what if I run awful. The heat and the humidity were getting really bad and I was so stressed out it was going to be awful the next morning. I tried to not think about this as we headed to Disneyland that day. Once again when we first got in, it wasn't that crowded we went straight to Thunder Mountain Railroad which ended up being closed and then over to Indian Jones which was having technical difficulties. We were really striking out, we went over to Pirates of the Caribbean which was only a ten minute wait and our day took off from there! 

We went on Star Tours, Buzz Lightyear, finally Indian Jones, Splash Mountain (several times) and many more, we went back over to California Adventures again to play some games at paradise pier and to go on on Toy Story again and then headed back to the room to rest. 

I tried on and laid out my clothes for race morning. I had to make sure everything was feeling ok! Made sure I had enough KT Tape that was all cut and ready to go and watched the videos on how to put it on like fifty times even though I already have it memorized I didn't want to miss a step. I was slightly starting to freak out a bit which is not exactly like me. Pinned my number on my shirt and made sure there was no room for error come 3am the next morning! 

We then hung out in the room for a bit and headed over to load up on the carbs for the big day tomorrow! I had to force myself to eat since I didn't have an appetite at all, but I knew I was going to need the energy in the morning. I headed to bed around 9:30 luckily I was tired but then woke up at 1:00 and watched the clock until 3:00 where I decided that was good enough and got up! Today was the day I had been training for, for months now!

Race day recap coming tomorrow!!!!!

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