Thursday, September 5, 2013

Disneyland Half Marathon Recap Part 3 (RACE DAY!!!)

FINALLY RACE DAY!! The day I had countdowns all over the place for, the day I had been planned six months of training runs for, the day I wished my summer away for, was finally here and I could hardly contain myself!!!!

I woke up around three, I had my alarm set for 3:10 however after watching the clock since pretty much 1:00 am I decided to just get up. I tried to be as quiet as possible since Luke was still sleeping and had gone to bed much later then I had however my nerves were crazy and being quiet just wasn't in the cards. I showered and taped up any, and everything I thought might hurt during the race. I had to walk around the park all day after the race proudly showing off my medal and didn't want my body to ache! I was ready in no time, outfit on, sneakers tied up and comfortable, KT Tape looking great, and it was barely 4, I needed to chill out for a minute!

I sent a text to my mom around 4:15 "Hey are you up? aren't you going to walk with me down to the start line?!" several minutes later I got one back clearly I had woken her up " I just woke up, I thought you didn't start until 5:30?" in which I replied "Yeah but I have to be down their earlier and you're coming right?!" The same conversation went down with Luke who was not happy to be up so early. We met in the lobby and made our way out to the start line.

Now for the record I am never typically this nervous for a race, yeah I have some pre race jitters but this was not like me. I think the mixture of excitement and not knowing what to expect was making me crazy! 

The corrals were very close to our hotel (the Disneyland Hotel), the start and finish line were basically right out front which was great. Luke and my Mom were allowed to walk with me right up to my corral.

We parted ways and I waited patiently for the race to start. The corrals were very organized and not super crowded which I liked. I was in corral B which was great because we went off about ten minutes after the first corral. With each corral start they did it the same as the first with fireworks and everything!

Finally it was our time to start and I couldn't wait! We crossed the start line and were off. We first ran down a street that seemed to be in front of the Disneyland Hotel but was a main road and then made our way through the back entrance of California Adventures. It was was still dark out so all of the lights were on and the rides were going. Their were characters stationed through out that you could take pictures with but I just took pictures with my phone while running by. 

From California Adventures we headed over to Disneyland and ran right down Main Street USA around the park and then out through Sleeping Beauty's Castle. We were only about three miles in at this point and then we headed out through Anaheim for the remainder of the race. This was a bit boring for a while, but then we ran through a section of old antique cars which was pretty cool. Also the number of spectators just around the city was amazing even early in the morning there were people out their cheering you on it was great and really kept me going. Right before mile ten we made our way into Angles stadium which was awesome! I knew this part was going to be cool but it honestly gave me goosebumps while running through. The crowds in the stands and the runners up on the jumbotron, the whole thing was just so amazing!

After leaving the stadium we only had a 5K left, we were almost done! The sun started to get hot at this point but it was not that bad, and it was behind me so not blaring in my face which I was happy about. As I made my way around the back of the park again we were almost their! I was so excited their were bands playing and people everywhere, and before I knew it I was passing the big hat by our hotel room and crossing the finish line!

I felt great after finishing, I saw my Mom and Luke said hi, and walked over to get my medal and finishers picture!

 It wasn't super crowded when I finished so it was easy to get around and find everyone. RunDisney was great with water and snacks after the race also during the race their were more then enough water and fuel stations so you didn't need to worry about bringing a fuel belt! Even in the hot temperatures I was fine  and their were enough water stations. The were plenty of volunteers everywhere handing things out to eat and drink as well as ice packs. I grabbed one to cool off but it was just something extra to hold. 

I ended up sitting down and stretching for a little bit after I found everyone. After that we all headed over to downtown disney for breakfast, I was so excited to be finished and to show off my awesome medal all day!

Last park day and final thoughts tomorrow! 

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