Thursday, September 12, 2013

Disneyland Half Marathon Recap Part 4 (Last Day and Final Thoughts!!!)

Following the race we all got ready to head to the parks, I was so relieved that the race was over and that it went to well. I knew it would, and I knew that I was trained more then enough for it, it was just the anticipation and the unknown of it all that scared me!

I couldn't wait to get dressed and head out wearing my medal proudly. I had seen everyone with their 10k medal the day before and I was so jealous, but today was my day!

With my medal and half marathon t-shirt on and all my buttons lined up I was ready for the day. We met up and headed to Cars Land first, when I got outside I was so happy that I was in an early corral and that I had trained enough to finished with a ok time (2:16) because at this point it was HOT! I felt so bad for the people who were still finishing because it had to be the hottest day since we had arrived.

We walked around California Adventures for a while doing the Cars race track and then split up so Luke and I could do Tower of Terror again and just enjoyed our last day.

As for my final thoughts on my first RunDisney race...I LOVED it! Yes there were some thing I wasn't crazy about such as the craziness of the expo and parts of the race were a bit boring but they do have to find a 13.1 mile route so not all the parts are going to be amazing, however running through the parks in the dark all lit up and then through Angels Stadium were experiences that will make you forget any part that might not have been so great. And the best part.....What other race have you run where you can wear your medal from the end of the race through the entire day and even the next day and the next day in Disneyland! You can't beat that! The feeling you have after finishing the race and people congratulating you all day will make you want to continue signing up for these races! I will go back to Disneyland next year and get my coast to coast medal (I am running the Glass Slipper Challenge in February!!!!!) and I will run the Dumbo Double Dare! My mom has already said she wants to start training to run the half with me as well! I can't wait for my next RunDisney Race!!

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