Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! This is my absolute favorite holiday, well I love all the Fall and Winter Holidays but I love candy and pumpkins and dressing up so this one might just be my favorite!

Last night we carved our pumpkins! Another one of my favorite things to do but I always feel like I am going to cut myself with the knife! Cutting into the top is not the easiest thing to do! But I love our pumpkins they are lit out on our front steps right now waiting for trick-or-treaters to come however I don't think any will :( 

Lastly this was my Halloween makeup! I didn't do anything just stayed home but wanted to try out doing this makeup so I did! I think Luke may have thought I was insane wearing this around the house but I don't care!!

Oh and one last thing my new bike came!!!! 

My house looks like a mess in this picture however setting up this bike was my number one priority when I got home! I already went for a quick mile spin and I'm in love! Hopefully this will get me out of the running rut I am in!!! 

I will write more about my running rut and the race I did last weekend later on. Now off to watch scary movies for the rest of the night!!

QOTD: Does anyone have any good bike workouts that I should try out?! 

QOTD 2: What were you for Halloween?!

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