Thursday, October 3, 2013

Providence Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Recap!!!

I ran the Rock 'n' Roll Half marathon in Providence, RI this past weekend. This was my third half and I think I am ADDICTED!!!! Here is my recap of the race!!

The race was on Sunday, packet pickup was on Saturday with the expo but I wasn't able to make it. It said on the registration that there was no number pick up the day of, however there is a solutions tent by the start line where you could get your number the day of the race if there was no way to get there Saturday and they even had blank waivers if you forgot that.

Sunday morning I left at around 4:30 with my friend Liz, she was running the 5k so we decided to go up together. The morning was very foggy and when we arrived in Providence it was still dark and there were not many people around. We ended up parking right at the bottom of the hill before the finish line and walked up to the lawn area where everything was set up and headed to the solution tent to grab our numbers. We picked up our numbers which was super easy and got our t-shirts and goody bags and then decided to go check our clothing it was FREEZING out so I had on many layers!

These were the shirts for the half marathon which I loved! And they had woman's sizes!!!

Next we headed over to bag check which was also so simple we used the Rock 'n' Roll drawstring bags they gave you put our things in, tied it up and we were good to go! I love when things are easy! After that we headed over to the port-o-potties which where pretty much everywhere and then headed over to our corrals because we were going to start soon!

Pre Race photo!

I was in Corral 6 they did the corrals by the first number on your bib, Liz was in Corral 3 so we parted ways, we were about to start!!!!!

The race started at 7:00 and I crossed the start line around 7:10 and was in corral 6 so they got everyone moving pretty fast which was nice because waiting around is the worst! The 5k runners were all mixed in with the half marathon runners which I liked.

The race started uphill everyone around me was complaining and then someone said "just wait this is nothing!" Now I don't mind hills but I got worried after hearing that! At around mile 2 the 5k runners headed in a different direction and we were off to finish the half, and then the hills came first gradual and then there was a HUGE one I thought to myself is this ever going to end, I can't make it but after that it was smooth sailing!

 As you may know there is  also band at every mile of the race which was so nice, it was something to look forward to. Also the water stations seemed to be right after the band so you always knew there was one coming up soon if you had just passed a band. There was also a lot of supporters through out the route cheering you on which is so nice during a race and really keeps you going. 

Once we got around mile five we were pretty much passed the hills except the one up to the finish line and at that point too the relay runners were switching which I had none about but forgot. This was a cool part of the race because first you get to run with a drum stick but also if you didn't feel like you could do the half yourself you could be part of a team which was really neat.

The race went by really fast and before I knew it I was finishing I felt pretty good most of the race but at mile ten got a pretty serious cramp but worked through it and felt great finishing. There were tons of people at the finish line, and once your crossed the finish line there was tons of water, chocolate milk, powerade, power bars and bagels. Then all the runners (21+ of course!) got a free beer!

After I crossed the finish line I went to go get my checked bag which again was super easy! Then headed over with Liz to get our well deserved beer!

Overall it was a great race I ended up getting a PR of 2:12:29! Everything was so easy to get to and the number pick up was not a problem at all if you couldn't make it to the expo. Parking was a breeze as was bag check! I was very impressed with the organization of everything! I will be back next year to run again for sure!

Local Harwich Cranberry Half Marathon this weekend recap to follow!!!!



  1. Love RnR Providence! Ran it the first two years and had to back out the day before due to being sick (Bummer!). Providence is a great city for a race. I wasn't too thrilled with the medals this year though. Kind of generic after the first two year's medals were specific to the city. I may be back next year though!

  2. I love this half! I did it the first 2 years, but when they pushed the date to September it conflicted with ZOOMA Cape Cod. I hope they keep it in Providence...I heard this was the last year??? Great recap & congrats on your PR!!