Saturday, October 12, 2013

Harwich Cranberry Harvest Half Marathon Recap!

This past weekend I ran the Harwich Cranberry Harvest Half Marathon in Harwich, Ma. Let's just say this was by far my worst half marathon to date. I started out way too fast and then just felt awful from around mile nine to the finish. I decided last minute to sign up for this race and although it went bad I am glad I did it. This half marathon is part of the Cape Cod Half Marathon Trilogy which also includes the Hyannis Half Marathon, which takes place in February and the Johnny Kelley Half Marathon which takes place in May and both are in Hyannis.

I decided to sign up for this race last minute because I was not going to do it at first I had a half marathon the weekend before and the weekend after so I thought it would be too much, but then thought just do it! I kept checking the website to see if I could get a number the day before the race at number pick up and finally found out I was able to. I headed down to number pick up on Saturday which was at the Harwich High School just off the highway very convenient. I had read that if you signed up the day before then you were not guaranteed a t-shirt however when I got there I was able to get one. My number was 776 which I was surprised because I thought there would have been more runners.

The following day the race started at noon. I wasn't too excited about that because it kind of took up the whole day but hey, what else would I have been doing ha-ha! I headed over around 11:00 with my mom got there around 11:30 and was able to park right near the start and finish line. I headed over to the start around 11:45 as to stay out of the cold as long as possible. We ended up starting within minutes, no standing and waiting for an hour which I like!  There are no assigned corrals, just pace markers so you go in the corral which you think is the best for you. I always try to move towards the front so I can start right when the gun goes off.

The course started off looping around a bit, we went up this road and then turned around and ran back down then looped around a bit more and were headed down another road that was pretty straight for a while. It was a bit hilly in the beginning, it seemed like we would go up a small hill and then flatten out and then go up some more, there wasn't much down hill. The course stayed like this for a while, there was nothing to crazy but it was a bit boring. There were not too many spectators, just a lot of people in cars angry because the race was holding people up on. Hopefully no one missed too much of the Patriots game!

I had started out too fast in the beginning like I had mentioned before which started to hurt me later on in the race. I realized after a few miles I was going to fast but a lot of people were passing me so I freaked out you know the "Oh god, I am going to be the last one to finish this can not happen!" was running through my mind. Once I got a grip I started to slow down a bit and take it easy. But then I hit mile 10, about three quarters of the way through I passed a man saying "Mile 11 at the top of the hill!" I was thinking we aren't even going up hill yet oh no! I had been warned of this hill however and thought it can't be that was I wrong! Going up the hill I kept thinking to myself I am going to DIE! Now had I started off at a normal pace this hill at this point would have been challenging but wouldn't have made me feel awful! Once I got to the top of the hill it was smooth sailing to the finish however I really needed to slow down. I kept thinking "Just walk for a minute it is fine you will feel better!" then I would tell myself "NO! YOU CAN NOT WALK! YOU ARE ALMOST DONE! NO WALKING!" I ended up not walking and just slowing down A LOT! which was probably slower then a walk ha-ha but I picked it up for the finish and finished strong!

I heard my mom yelling for me a the finish and then the announcer gave me a shout out which is always nice. Of course my mom's phone died as I was coming in and she was unable to get a photo.  Once I crossed the finish line I was handed my medal then there was some small bottles of water and Gatorade as well as some coconut water to take. My mom found me easily there were not a ton of people, once I found her I wanted to leave. I had seen my time when I finished and was not super happy 2:18....I took some pictures with my mom and then headed home.

Once I left I realized my time wasn't horrible, yes it was my worst time however I finished and that is all that matters! Overall I was happy I did the race but small town races are much different then larger races. It ended up being a bit more challenging then I had hoped it would be but that is ok. The harder it is the stronger you get right, and now I have a new medal to ad to my medal holder!

Tomorrow is the B.A.A. Half Marathon which I am so looking forward to but am a little nervous! Wish me luck! 

What races are you running this weekend?

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  1. Good job! Btw, do you know that 776 is a significant number? 776 BC, the first historically recorder Olympic Games, in ancient Olympia, Greece! (Just fell at your blog here googling and wanted to tell you this.) Go running!